My Second Life in Second Life

I have to share a funny tech story. There is this community called Second Life which is a virtual world that many people participate in for social, business, and educational purposes.

I was invited to attend a technology meeting there. You have to choose an avatar, so I chose a yellow cat with a swishy tail.  When I got to the meeting, everyone else was a very fit and attractive, stylishly dressed person. They kept asking “Who brought a cat?”.  To make matters worse I had tinkered with the settings and disconnected one of my legs so it moved independantly of my body. I felt like I was a new kid at a seventh grade dance.  They kept asking “Who brought a cat?”.
Although it looks like there are many professional development opportunities there, and they transcend the barriers of time and space, I don’t feel comfortable in that world yet. It would take quite a bit of practice navigating and controlling my movements so I don’ bump into people or walls.

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