Plugging in to Unplug

This weekend I worked in my garden for about five hours.  The garden is where my mind unleashes itself and wanders all over the place as I move from task to task.  While I’m cutting butter crunch and Romaine, I’m thinking about how to solve the problem of using so much water to wash the lettuce.  While I’m pulling weeds around the irises I’m thinking about the different people who have given me rhizomes over the years and wondering where they are now.  While I’m planting beets and beans, I’m thinking of how good those fresh vegetables will taste later in the summer and wondering why I don’t like to eat food that too many people or machines have touched.  Sometimes when I work in the garden I plug myself into an iPod and listen to a book, but then I miss out on the mind wandering.  I think a bit of mind wandering every once in a while is healthy.  When there is always an agenda it means there is never any wandering time which can also be idea incubation time.  Without incubation time, the new ideas are less likely to hatch.  The other day while I was working in the garden, out of nowhere an idea for grouping files in the Pages app came to me in a flash.  I had been trying to solve the problem for a while, but I couldn’t see the answer.  As it turns out, it was right there, waiting for me to discover it.  I enjoy gardening because of the physical exercise, the beautiful flowers, and the healthy vegetables and fruits.  I think the benefit of mind wandering is a huge bonus because it doesn’t look like a mind wandering break is going to be added to our work day anytime soon.

Golden Beets

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