Videolicious Workflow

Several classes have worked with the iPad app Videolicious to produce reports on various topics. Vidolicious makes it simple to create a newscast type video. I encourage the students to draw their own pictures, but they can also find and use pictures from the InternetThis would be the perfect app to document a fieldtrip.

Videolicious Work Flow

  1. Take photos, draw pictures, or capture photos from a source. Be sure to cite your source. These will be save to the Photo Roll.
  2. Open Videolicious.
  3. Choose Shots from camera roll. Be sure to select them in the order you want them to appear.
  4. Press Save.
  5. Record your “story.” This is your narration. Press the red button to start recording and to stop recording. You will determine what is on the screen during your narration by tapping on each small picture thumbnail or on the main screen which is recording your face.
  6. Preview you recording. If you want to record again press Delete and start over. If you like the recording, press Save.
  7. Press Save.
  8. Choose your music from the Theme Music folder. Set the volume so that it doesn’t overpower your voice. Press Save.
  9. DO NOT use a filter.
  10. Preview your work again. Press Back to change the music. Press Save to continue.
  11. Save in SD format.
  12. Give your file a name.
  13. Press the green Save button.
  14. Your video is now in the Camera Roll.
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