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Padlet is a virtual bulletin board which allows multiple users to contribute notes, documents, videos, images, and links. What are some ways that teachers and students can use Padlet to facilitate collaboration and the sharing of ideas and resources?

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Lino – A We-Based Bulletin Board

Have you ever wanted an easy way to collaborate with your colleagues (or your family)? Here is my test of Lino, a collaborative bulletin board tool. There is also an app called Lino created by the same company.

After creating an account, I made a “board” and posted a sticky note with instructions. The settings I chose for the board allow visitors to post stickies as well. Please post a sticky on the board by clicking on this link.

Think of the ways teachers could use a collaborative bulletin board to collect ideas and resources. Think of how a group of students or class could work together on a project using a colleaborative board. Class rules, vocabulary, reflections on experiences or videos, short book reviews, suggestions, catagory sorts, possible solutions to a problem, alternate story endings, to do lists, to bring lists, details about a painting, a calendar, etc. Can you think of more ideas?
By the way, the background of the board is a picture I uploaded. It is my beautiful Buster Boy, the most precious cat of all.

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