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For our first T21 module (EdTech Teacher) we are exploring LiveBinders. This is a web tool which allows you to organize, curate, and share digital resources. A user creates a virtual binder and fills it with links to websites, text documents, PDF files, digital images, and videos. The binder can then be shared with colleagues or students. The creation of a binder can also be a collaborative process wherein two or more people build a binder.

Think of the ways you and your students can use LiveBinders. It could be the “parking place” for all the resources you want your students to use for a unit of study. It could be how you and your department collect and organize resources you will all use. Students could use LiveBinders as a tool for developing and presenting a project. A LiveBinder could include all the resources used in creating a project as well as the project itself. How else do you think it could be used? Please post your comments below.

Here is a short introduction showing how to create a binder. There are many other tutorials on the LiveBinders site itself as well as on YouTube.

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