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Keynote – Apple’s Answer to PowerPoint

If you are familiar with PowerPoint, then you already have a good idea how to create a Keynote presentation using the Keynote app.  They are similar in many ways.  Here is a video showing the basic steps involved in creating and sharing a Keynote.<p>

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If You Don’t Feed the Teachers

I am reading a great little book called If You Don’t Feed the Teachers They Eat the Students by Neila Connors.

If You Don’t Feed the Teachers by Neila Connors

I think Debbie Hanger had this book when she was at Steward.  It’s a treasure chest of ideas.  It contains common sense advice about how to “feed” your faculty so that they know they are appreciated for their hard work and creativity.  I know that feeling of working really hard on something and then wondering if anyone really noticed or understood the effort I had put into it.  The children benefit, but it does not come naturally to a seven year old to thank a teacher for planning something special or effective.  Their appreciation shows in their enthusiastic engagement in the activity.  Another teacher or administrator would never know of my accomplishment unless I told them about it – and that takes time and effort as well.  So in that respect, teaching can feel like a lonely and unappreciated job – with no fault on the part of the teacher or administrator.  How can we find ways to celebrate and show appreciation for the effort and successes of our teachers?

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