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WallWisher Risk

This is an experiment. As I get deeper into 21st Century Skills, I absolutely embrace the concept that experimenting, tinkering is my best way to learn. It is my most effective way to learn. If I stay on the straight and narrow path, I learn the straight and narrow. If I step off the curve and test out ideas, experiment with the tools I have at hand, I learn far more, and sometimes, I like to think, I actually discover something brand new.

Anyway, this is an experiment to see if a Wall Wisher board can be shared and used by others. If this works the wall below should continue to grow as the participants of the CCOW community contribute to it. We’ll see.

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DIYPLN (Part 1)

Imagine a coffee house that’s open 24 hours a day.  In one section there are tables where you can sit and chat with others who have interests similar to yours.  There are books and magazines on a nearby bookshelf and they are all focus on subjects that interest you.  You can drop by whenever you like, listen and read, and if the spirit moves you, you can jump in and participate in the conversation.  If you don’t show up on a regular basis, no one scolds you.  When you do show up, you’re always welcome.

This is how I envision my PLN (Personal Learning Network).  In an age when global connections are possible in just a few clicks, we each have the opportunity to gather together the people with whom we want discuss our favorite topics and share our favorite resources.  This comes as a welcome opportunity because, I don’t know about you, but I’m finding it hard fit everything in.

Developing an online PLN is manageable because I can spend as much, or as little, time participating as I want.  And I can do it anywhere, anytime.  The tools I use are Twitter managed by Tweetdeck, Google Reader, and Diigo.  There are other tools available for this purpose, but these are the ones I’ve limited myself to.  What is gathered for me with these tools is focused around my personal interests.  It is admittedly far more than I could possibly read each day, but I don’t let that worry me.  When I walk into a library, I don’t fret over the fact that I can’t read all the books in it.  A friend gave me a good piece of advice: Think of your online PLN as a stream of information.  You can go down and wade in the stream, enjoying what your find there for as long as you like.  It will always be there for you to enjoy, so don’t worry about not getting it all at once.

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Xtranormal and the Rainy Afternoon

xtranormal puppy

It’s a lovely rainy Sunday.  While my garden is getting a good steady soaking, I am enjoying an unhurried afternoon playing with Xtranormal.  This is a cartoon video creation tool located at   Users can create cartoon videos using a selection of backgrounds, characters, sound effects, and voices.  You can control the gestures of the characters as well as the camera angle.  This tool can be used for free, but if you want to publish or share your work, a paid subscription is necessary.  It costs $10 a month with the added cost of 10 cents per student per month.   It has great potential for projects in which students research a topic and then have their characters discuss or debate it.  Click on the link below for an example of an Xtranormal video.  In this short video two characters discuss the use of Twitter as a professional development tool.

by: rricketts

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